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Take a bite out of it… April 27, 2007

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They call it a self-deprecating sense-of-humor. It’s supposed to be a sign of a secure ego and well-contained “Id”. As a matter-of-fact, it also lends itself to hyphenating every couple of words in each sentence.

I have a Google Home Page… Not ground-breaking (again hyphenated), but I like being able to customize the things that I’d like to see first when firing up Safari or Firefox (No IE, Netscape, or High Fructose Corn Syrup in this house).

I’ve got everything from the weather in C-Town to HowStuffWorks, a personal favorite. I also have some of my investments – I also have some of my former investments. These are purposely left on the list by my evil twin, the glutton.

For punishment.

I love Apple. I really do. Not in a “wait outside the new Apple Store for 6 days in a tent in 2 feet of snow for a chance at a T-Shirt” sort of love, but as much as a reasonable man can truly love a company and its products. Still use a PC for work… Got no choice, my man. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Anyway, I generally believe that you should, whenever possible, invest your money in companies you believe in… That is if investing your $ is something you do. I’m not a day-trader or a broker – Just an average guy that isn’t stupid enough to put my money in a bank (I don’t mean that I prefer a mattress, but with inflation, you’d stand to lose your money every year in an avg. savings account. Unless of course you have 50 grrr in the bank, and if that’s the case, pop some Cristal and stop f-ing with the computer). So I bought some Apple stock: AAPL at $80 back last summer. Wouldn’t you know my homepage reminded me again today that investing isn’t my business… And it’s probably a good thing. You see, I sold that stock when it dropped to $67 or $66, probably right after I told someone how much I believed in the company or to increase their position when their favorite stock drops. What a maroon.

Check out this bloggingstocks gent that has obviously forgotten more than I’ll ever know about investing: Solid to the $100 Core.

Expelled for being “asian and quiet”… April 25, 2007

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Not to jump on the VT rant started here by Maniphesto, but if this story below is true, we can officially pass Go and head straight to the internment camps. Way to go Mom for stepping up to the plate and preventing any more blatant profiling from invading their home. I can’t even label it a specific type of profiling as this kind of prejudice is based not so much on wanton fear as it is blatant stupidity. This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable and sets a wretched example for the children exposed. Wasn’t the precedent set last week when Don Imus lost his position for his lapse in reason (A lapse if you thought he ever had any)? Read on…

A member of SA’s 16 year old, half Japanese brother, Joshua, was just expelled from high school in a small Arkansas town.
Apparently, someone took offense to a shirt he wore before the VT killings with “4 out of the 5 voices in my head tell me to go for it” on the front, and complained to the office about him being “asian and quiet”. Exact words.

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Misguided…. April 24, 2007

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apparently, ignorance knows no bounds. on monday, cleveland indians’ outfielder shin-soo choo was called to the big leagues to replace an injured player. prior to monday’s game, choo spoke of the disturbing boos from the fans in toledo, ohio last week. why? has his bat been cold? no! was he making errors in the field? nope! any off the field issues? none! it’s due to the close spelling of his last name (choo) to the crazed, virginia tech shooter (cho) who took 32 schoolmates’ lives april 16. “some fans said bad things,” said choo. “it’s pretty close to my name. it upset me when a couple of fans talked like that.”

really? people are that ignorant/angry/emotional that they lash out at someone who may or may not even look like someone else but, more to the point, because the spelling of his name is similar? we’re better than that. aren’t we??????

Let’s start…. April 23, 2007

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i am excited to snack on the philkins brand. unfortunately, that excitement is greatly surpassed by sadness. with my first post, still in the shadows of the horrifying events in blacksburg, virginia, i wanted to offer my sincerest sympathies to the students, families, faculty, and the entire hokie community. as i have watched the memorial services, i am continually amazed how the community is coming together to help each other.

even in the wake of such a horrible tragedy, there are still those opportunists that look for any chance to push their agenda. of course we have the right to protest and speak freely, but that does not make it right. these “people” should be ashamed of themselves.

virginia tech funeral protest



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